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The Long Song

Triple M's Long Song

Of course, there are many more besides what you can see here - but there may be many more we've forgotten! This is where YOU come in!

Choose one of YOUR favourite long songs for one of the times and days below to suit you. You can email your choice(s) through the Contact page or send us a message through our Facebook & Twitter (icons below)

Monday:- 3.25 am, 10.10 am, 8.10 pm
Tuesday:- 3.25 am, 7.25 am
Wednesday:- 3.25 am, 12.10 pm, 2.10pm
Thursday:- 3.25 am, 7.25 am, 5.25 pm
Friday:- 3.25 am, 12.10 pm
Saturday:- 7.25 am, 10.10 am, 12.10pm, 2.10 pm, 3.25 pm, 4.10 pm
Sunday:- 10.10am, 12.10pm, 2.10pm, 3.25pm, 4.10 pm, 5.25 pm, 6.10 pm, 8.10 pm, 9.25 pm

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